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South American Tours is a leading Destination Management Company with fully-owned incoming offices in Brazil and neighbouring countries in South America.

They create unique hand-crafted travel experiences throughout South America for groups and for the individual traveller. Their journeys are built from scratch to fit your individual requirements and budget. The team at SAT consists of experienced industry professionals – a melting pot of international staff and passionate locals that know their destinations by heart, and at the same time are very familiar with international needs.

Social responsibility is of high value for all their team members, they conduct their business fairly and ethically, help to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the local communities, create working conditions that are beneficial for everyone, using the Earth’s natural resources responsibly, protect the environment and also protect their clients’ image and safety.

Either you want to stop by at the most iconic places of Brazil, seeking for in-depth discovery of the destination’s culture, off-the-beaten-path locations and unique facets, or focus on a culinary experience, photography tour, or romantic getaway – the team at SAT offers highly personalized service and guarantees pure indulgence with exclusive accommodation.

Tourist destination highlights

• Sip on a caipirinha at Copacabana beach in the “Marvelous City”, Rio de Janeiro.

• Enjoy Ilha Grande, “Big Island,” a most beautiful island off Rio de Janeiro with beautiful tropical beaches and virgin Atlantic rainforest.

• Go horseback riding through the rainforest that ends at the sea in the area of Paraty, a colonial jewel surrounded by pristine beaches.

• Stroll through the streets of Pelourinho, the first colonial capital of Brazilfilled with graceful, colorfully painted pastel buildings, music and dancing in the streets

• Celebrate and get fascinated by one of the biggest and most famous Carnivals in the world, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

• Travel back in time while visiting Ouro Preto, “black gold”, one of Brazil’s best-preserved colonial towns, founded at the end of the 17th century.

• Observe the various wildlife of the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland – a must for nature lovers and home to one of the largest Jaguar populations in the Americas.

• Look over the edge of the wooden platform that crosses the top of Devil’s Throat fall at the Iguaçu Falls, situated on the border between Brazil and Argentina.

• Discover the indescribable beauty of Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago comprised of 21 islands and islets that was declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

• Be impressed by the only desert on earth that has ponds between white sand dunes at Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, one of the most beautiful Brazilian sceneries.

• Get inspired by the Inhotim Institute, home to one of the largest foundations of contemporary art in Brazil and one of the largest outdoor art centers in all Latin America.

• Explore the extraordinary range of biodiversity from rare orchids to large animals such as giant anteaters and armadillos at Chapada Diamantina national park.

South American Tours

South American Tours

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Destination Overview

By far the largest country in South America, Brazil coves nearly half the continent and is only slightly smaller than the US, with an area of just over 8,5 million square kilometres. It shares frontier with every South America country except Chile and Ecuador. Brazil has around 200 million inhabitants, making it the fifth most populous country in the world.

Despite the immense expanses of the interior, roughly two-thirds of Brazil’s population live on or near the coast and well over half lives in cities – even in the Amazon. In Rio and São Paulo, Brazil has two of the world’s great metropolises, and ten other cities have over a million inhabitants.

Other South Americans regard Brazilians as a race apart and language has a lot to do with it – Brazilians understand Spanish, just about, but Spanish-speakers won’t understand Portuguese. Brazilians also look different. In the extreme south German and Eastern European immigration hast left distinctive traces; São Paulo has the world’s largest Japanese Community outside Japan; slavery lies behind a large Afro-Brazilian population concentrated in Rio, Salvador and São Luis; while the Indian influence is still very visible in the Amazon. Italian and Portuguese immigration has been so great that its influence is felt across the entire country.

It’s fair to say that nowhere in the world do people enjoy themselves more – most famously in the annual orgiastic celebrations of Carnival , but reflected, too, in the lively year-round nightlife that you’ll find in any decent-sized town. This national hedonism also manifests itself in Brazil’s highly developed beach culture, superb music and dancing and rich regionals cuisines.

Rio de Janeiro – There is no destination on earth more animated and exciting than Rio de Janeiro. Located in south-eastern Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city of South America due to its famous mountains, beaches and Carnival festival.

São Paulo – Not only is Sao Paulo the largest city in Brazil, but it is also one of the largest in the world according to population. Located in south-eastern Brazil, Sao Paulo is known for its skyscrapers, gastronomy and robust culture scene.

Ouro Preto (Historical Cities) – Tucked away among the mountains of Minas Gerais, Ouro Preto is the most picturesque, popular, and well-preserved colonial town in Brazil. As it was one of the main centres of the Brazilian Gold Rush, wealth and riches poured into its streets – along with the power and prestige that came with it.

Paraty  – A paradise of tropical forests, waterfalls, emerald sea and coastal mountains, Parati is a popular tourist destination located along Brazil’s Green Coast in the Rio de Janeiro state. Also spelled Paraty, this beautiful city is a former Portuguese colony established on the shores of the Bay of Ilha Grande.

Florianopolis – The capital of Santa Catarina state, Florianopolis lies in the south of Brazil, with half of the city set on the mainland and the other on a beautiful island. Due to its scenic setting, it is a very popular tourist destination and is widely considered one of the best places to live in the country.

Salvador da Bahia – A historic Old City, beautiful beaches, lively culture and one of the world’s biggest Carnival celebrations all fashion Salvador is one of Brazil’s top tourist destinations. One of the oldest cities in the Americas, Salvador is Brazil’s third largest city and the capital of the Bahia state.

Foz do Iguassu – One of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world, Iguazu Falls straddles the Argentine-Brazilian border. It is often compared to Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls, such is its staggering size and scale. Surrounded by dense rainforest, its endless series of cascades stretch for almost three kilometres, making it the largest waterfall system in the world.

Brasilia – Located in the Brazilian Highlands, Brasilia was installed in 1960 as Brazil’s capital. Brasilia’s modern day infrastructure is designed in the shape of an airplane in which each of its sections serve as different districts such as government, commercial, residential and cultural.

Fortaleza – Nice beaches, dynamic shopping and lively culture all make Fortaleza one of Brazil’s popular tourist destinations. The capital of the Ceará state on the country’s north-eastern coast, Fortaleza is Brazil’s fifth largest city, well-known for its forró music.

Pantanal – Covering a vast swathe of western Brazil, as well as parts of Paraguay and Bolivia, the Pantanal is the world’s largest and most diverse tropical wetland area. Due to its stunning scenery and incredible wildlife, the region is increasingly popular to visit, although its remote and watery nature does pose a few challenges.

Manaus  – The capital of the Amazonas state in north-western Brazil, Manaus is an important tourist destination because it serves as a gateway to the Amazon rainforest.

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