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8inSpain is an alternative DMC and INCOMING OPERATOR specialized in finding synergies between them and their guests to get the best ratio of satisfaction of every participant.

They offer a wide range of destination services in Spain, Andorra, Portugal and Gibraltar, take care of both Touristic groups & Corporate Travel and MICE focused on a unique result with an unforgettable experience in their infinite destinations.

After more than 20 years of experience in the Tourism Industry (MICE, Leisure, Incoming agency, Tour Operator and Outgoing Wholesaler), they learnt and believe that every project should be prepared as a single piece of art, carefully created for each company and group based on their interests, goals and budget.

With a dynamic, enthusiastic, and flexible team of entrepeneuers, 8inSpain is offering a cultural and authentic local alternative to the usual classic projects. Whether you are looking for a cultural tour, group tour, tailor-made FITs, breathtaking adventures, Incentives, or inventive events- they’ll be your partner on the grounds.

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Tourist destination highlights

• Be gobsmacked admiring the Modernism buildings of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona

• Feel small under the majesty of Madrids architecture scrolling down its streets

• Relax on either amazing long beaches or small hidden coves along the Mediterranean Coast

• Do a time trip from prehistoric ages to hiper-contemporary time across the region of Andalucia

• Admire the beauty of various World heritage cities in Central Spain

• Indulge yourself with a culinary experience in the Basque country

• Get hooked on marvellous county humid paths and smell unforgettable nature in the mystic haunted woods in Galicia

• Wander endless through green mountains within the Cantabric Regions

• Experiment all year seasons in one day at Canary Islands



Andreu Osó Ayete
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Hospitalet del Llobregat (BCN) – Spain

Tel: +34 655278545

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• Culinary Tours
• Shore Excursions
• Honeymoons
• Ground Services
• Groups

Selected Tours
• Catalan Culture Tour | 5D
• Complete Spain | 24D
• Family Holidays Costa Brava | 6D
• Gastronomical F1 Barcelona | 3D
• Iberian Capitals | 5D
• Jewish-Muslim History | 13D
• Sea Mediterranean Holidays| 6D
• Shop and Travel | 9D
• South Spain | 15D

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Destination Overview

Spain is located at the Iberian Peninsula in the southwest of Europe. In the north Spain borders on France and Andorra, with the Pyrenees as a natural frontier. There are five big mountain ranges crossing the country, and about 50% of it are located at an elevated plain. Additionally, the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) in the Mediterranean Sea, Canary Islands in Atlantic Ocean, and Ceuta and Melilla, located in northern Africa, are Spanish territory.

Landscapes are extremely varied, some almost desert-like, others green and fertile, and of course there are the long coasts, in the east along Mediterranean Sea from Pyrenees to Gibraltar, and in the west along the Atlantic Ocean and Cantabrian Sea.

Widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Spain has to offer much more than that. It is – and has been for thousands of years – one of the cultural centres of Europe.

It has beautiful cities and towns, offering really old monuments as well as futuristic architecture. It has 15 World Heritage cities by UNESCO, 42 cultural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, 4 natural World Heritage Sites and 2 mixed World heritage Sites by UNESCO (3rd country in the world & 2nd in Europe in number of them) but in addition to them, it has 19 Intangible Cultural World Heritage elements (4th country in the world & 1st in Europe in number of them). The oldest works of architecture in Spain of which remains are left go back to the megalithic culture, approximately 3000 B.C. Lots of Roman monuments are conserved too, among the most important being the great aqueduct of Segovia Photo and the Roman Theatre of Mérida.

Absolutely stunning is what Moors have left in this country. The Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the most visited sights by tourists, the other of course being Granada’s Alhambra which is perfectly conserved in its original condition. In 12th century Gothic style was introduced in Spain as you can enjoy in the cathedrals of Burgos, Toledo and Leon. Plateresque style is the Spanish variation of Renaissance style represented in the University of Salamanca. Baroque is to be discovered in the Monastery “El Escorial”, closed to Madrid and Santiago de Compostela.

In Modernism Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, as his great cathedral “Sagrada Familia” is the biggest icon of it. Until today Barcelona in particular has remained a centre of modern and even futuristic architecture.

Gastronomic tourism in Spain is the best way to know and immerse oneself in the culture and tradition of a place. The geographical situation, the climate and a very long history full of cultural mixes, make Spain one of the richest, at least if we talk about food. The great variety and quality of fish, seafood, meats, agricultural products, wines or oils that we find make Spain a unique enclave for gastronomic tourism. Moreover, you can taste 277 Michelin stars in 224 restaurants all around the country.

Barcelona – Located on the Mediterranean coast one can follow the traces of history and diversity while walking through the city. The Gothic Quarter, built over the Roman ruins, and the Eixample district with its Catalan art-nouveau, or modernista, buildings, which is a showcase for Gaudí’s dazzling architecture are just two stops one shouldn’t miss.

Girona – The secret beauty of Catalonia at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onyar, Galligants, and Güell. For the best views, walk on the medieval walls and enjoy the views as far as the Pyrenees.

Madrid – The capital and cultural centre of Spain houses one of Europe’s largest royal palaces but also other ancient sights are waiting to be discovered. For those interested in art, the famous Paseo del Arte (or Art Walk) links the three top art museums of the city.

Marbella – The most elegant seaside city on the Costa del Sol, located in Andalucia. The city is a hotspot for celebrities, but among marinas and magnificant villas, there is also an old town that is well worth seeing full with buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Sevilla – The capital of Andalucia is a suprising and sometimes undereated diamond on the river. Sevilla is known for a unique combination of Arabic and European architectural styles, also the famous Flamenco (an important part of the Andalusian culture) is extensively celebrated here.

Bilbao – One of the largest cities in Northern Spain and home to the famous Guggenheim Museum. Don’t miss out a walk through the charming medieval quarter Casco Viejo and the panoramic view over the city from the top of Artxanda.

Ibiza – The official name of the island is Eivissa, altough the most popular way to noun it is Ibiza. The island has become famous because of its legendary and at times riotous nightlife. Though large parts of the island are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Malaga – known as “the capital of the Costa del Sol”. One can find here the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, the Museo Picasso Málaga, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the old town, and beautiful beaches.

Mallorca – and its famous capital Palma de Mallorca. The island full of caves, both above and below sea-level, is more than just the notorious party scene at “Ballermann”. Hidden bays, beautiful beaches, and winding cities are waiting for your visit.

Valencia – A city where the spectrum of sights is very broad, ranging from Gothic cathedrals and cobblestone squares to futuristic building complexes. Not far from the city center is a lively beach promenade with many restaurants, bars and cafes with outdoor terraces and views of the sea..

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