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Founded in 2010, Redroad Tours is a Domestic Management Company for Uganda and neighbouring countries, specialized in tailor-made tours for FITs and groups.

Their goal is and always has been to diversify and enhance the Africa travel experience. To go beyond the tourist gates and wildlife safaris, connect with locals, make an impact and build unforgettable memories.

Uganda, where Redroad Tours began, is their star. Their home office is located in Uganda and where they operated exclusively for the first four years of business. They are proud to be thoroughly conversant in all things Uganda. Since they have emerged into the neighbouring countries in 2014, they have started adding more tours, discovering new ideas, and meeting new people. Always with the target to make your trip to East Africa beyond the ordinary – extraordinary.

The Redroad Tours teams’ vision is to be the trusted tour operator in East Africa for authentic immersion experiences that promote responsible tourism and sustainable development. Their mission is to exhibit excellence and professionality for all their travel and tour services, and to create and curate travel experiences that paint the spectrum of East Africa’s nature, culture and lifestyle.

They are passionate about building lasting memories for their travelers and leave no stone unturned in their mission to provide the best tours filled with authentic, interactive learning experiences.

Tourist destination highlights

• Track the powerful and endangered mountain gorillas on foot in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

• Enjoy game viewing without the big tourist numbers and see it all, even the big 5.

• Visit Jinja, the adventure capital of East Africa and enjoy an array of adrenaline pursuits.

• Try to keep up with the cheeky chimpanzees of Kibale as they swing from branch to branch.

• Be faszinated by the vibrant lifestyle of Uganda’s gateway city Kampala, visiting markets and eating at local places.

• Discover the taste of Uganda and try the diverse tribal cuisines like luwombo, matooke, g-nuts, Sombe and Posho.

• Explore the authentic, original Source of the Nile Site, where the British Explorer Speke first discovered the River Nile.

• Board safari vehicles to see the incredible tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

• Experience Karamoja pastoral life and spend the night in a Kraal with Karimojong warrior nomads.

Redroad Tours

Redroad Tours

Prince Sabena
249 Quality Shopping Village, Lubowa rd,
Lubowa hill. Kampala – Uganda

Tel: +256-792-844-373

Products & Services
• Tailor-made FIT and group tours
• Family Travel
• Gorilla Trekking
• Safaris with multi-lingual guides
• Ground Services
• Special Interest Programs
• Transfers & Excursions
• High School & College Programs
• Volunteer programs

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Destination Overview

Uganda is uniquely gifted compared to most African countries. It’s endowed with both the wild savannah plains and the lush tropical jungles. It’s location on the equator combined with the high altitude offers the perfect summer climate all year around.

However, what makes Uganda a must visit destination is its people. They are warm and vibrant people, with a colorful myriad of traditions. Uganda, just like most African countries is very rich in culture. There is such a diversity because of the various tribes that inhabit this country. Foreigners are generally very well received in Uganda, no surprise there as Uganda was recently named one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Because it lies close to the equator, Uganda enjoys a tropical climate all year-round. Daytime temperatures average between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F, with mornings and evenings usually cooler. The country can be visited all year round. However, while Uganda doesn’t have a defined summer or winter, due to its proximity to the equator, it does have a wet and dry season, and these can impact on activities.

Uganda is one of Africa’s true unsung heroes. Nestled in between some of the well-known gems of east Africa, this beautiful country boasts everything you could ask of a safari destination. From mountain gorillas, birdlife and traditional game, to friendly locals and unique tribal communities, not to mention adrenaline-fueled adventures, Uganda offers a huge variety of activities.

The country combines typical safari landscapes of flat savannah grasslands with acacia trees scattered on the horizon with the tropical jungle climate and mountainous landscape of the Congo Basin. Only in Uganda can you be sitting on the back of a jeep checking out lions on a sunny morning and in the afternoon, track chimps in a tropical forest.

What’s more, Uganda comes with fewer tourists allowing you to enjoy your adventure in an intimate and immersive way!

Jinja – Situated on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, a primary source of the mighty River Nile, Jinja is today just as famous for being the adventure capital of East Africa. A vast array of adrenaline pursuits awaits the intrepid traveler here, from ATV-riding to kayaking and mountain biking. Easily reached from Kampala, Jinja also oers a number of more sedate activities such as boat cruises on the lake, bird-watching and simply admiring the town’s impressive colonial architecture, much of which has been well-preserved. Blessed with a temperate climate, Jinja has a laidback atmosphere and a picturesque setting, so it’s no surprise that it has become an iconic destination for Uganda adventure holidays.

Bwindi – Bwindi is a world famous tropical forest located on the rolling mountains of southwestern Uganda. Its fame stems from being the home of half of the world’s surviving mountain gorilla population. What makes a trip to this jungle worthwhile is not just its famous residents. It’s the adventure of hiking through an impenetrable forest, navigating through its tangled vegetation dangled over a deeply split landscape of steep slippery valleys and high cold ridges while being entertained by the percussion of singing birds, chattering monkeys and the sight of thousands of butterflies. Its ever-chilly weather and challenging terrain offer unequalled ambience and serenity for the visitors seeking to meet and interact with their closest species, the mountain gorillas. Bwindi is also close to the Virunga mountains and Lake Bunyonyi in the south and Queen Elizabeth National Park in the north, providing more nature and activities for you to experience in the region.

Queen Elizabeth N.P – Set against the backdrop of the rugged Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth National Park lies in the Western branch of the Albertine rift. From the steep valleys and ravines of the mountains to the wide-open savannah plains below, the landscape of this wonderfully diverse ecosystem is seemingly dominated by water. Lake Edward, the Kazinga channel, Lake George, the Ishasha River and a string of crater lakes provide for over 250 kilometers of lake shores and a rich habitat for both mammals and birds, stunning wildlife viewing opportunities and spectacular scenery. On the southern part of the park, are the Ishasha plains famous for the unique tree-climbing lions.

Kampala – Ugandas capital is an energetic city that refuses to stand still. Beyond the traffic jams of the downtown area, the most obvious example of this dynamic atmosphere is the city skyline, a constant work-in-progress with frequent additions of new skyscrapers and luxury hotels. But there are also fragments of traditional African culture on display throughout Kampala, especially at the weekend fish market on the shore of Lake Victoria, where you can rub shoulders with Ugandans from every walk of life. Kampala serves as the perfect introduction to any Uganda holiday, and of course it makes an excellent starting point for the quintessential African safari.

Murchison Falls N.P – This is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area. This paradise of thunderous waterfalls on the Nile River, the tranquil Lake Albert and lots and lots of wildlife, is located in Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area. This stretch of river provides one of Uganda’s most remarkable wildlife spectacles. Regular visitors to the riverbanks include elephants, giraffes and buffaloes; while hippos, Nile crocodiles and aquatic birds are permanent residents. The park also has numerous game tracks that run through open savannah grasslands with four of the big five regularly seen on game drives. What you get to do here will be limited by how much time you have to spend: hikes, bird-watching, safari, launch drives or just kicking off your shoes and watching the gorgeous sunsets!

Kidepo N.P – A safari in Kidepo is not for the first-time safari goer hoping to tick all of the Big Five off their wildlife checklist. More rough and ready than a traditional safari, Kidepo is for those looking to get off the beaten track and experience truly authentic Africa. It is possible that you will have the whole park to yourself at any one time, a priceless experience that you are unlikely benefit from anywhere else in Africa. The landscapes are epic, in a word, with huge rock formations and towering mountains framing the plains. You may even have the chance to walk among zebra and giraffe if your guide deems it safe to do so.

Karamoja  – Karamoja is one of Uganda’s wildest and untamed regions, with steadfast cultural traditions, semi-nomadic tribespeople and startlingly few tourists. Located in the east of the country, the local tribespeople here migrated from Ethiopia and those that remain in this region are known as Karamojong. Cattle are the focal point of their way of life and they will do anything to keep it this way.

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